Aubree Lorraine Photography

Hi, I'm Aubree!

I feel really blessed to call this my job and also one of my callings as a human. I truly just LOVE getting to know people and I feel like a lot of my clients also turn into my friends.

Authentic moments and couples that trust in me and laugh at my really bad dad-jokes are a few of my favorite things as a photographer.

I live in the beautiful Texas Hill Country.

My favorite things are gardening, hiking, red wine & dark chocolate, The Office, anything to do with The Lord of the Rings, and especially capturing people’s love on camera.

"It is not about making every moment look perfect, but more about capturing those imperfectly-perfect moments that would otherwise be just a memory."

A Few of My Favorite Things

1. I LOVE, I mean LOVE, The Sound of Music. Maybe it was growing up in Germany or my never-dying love for musicals, but Edelweiss will always be dear to my heart.

2. Ask me about my dead butterfly collection.

3. Professional chef, I am not, but professional foodie, I am.

4. Red wine goes with everything, right?

5. My ideal future is raising chickens and making strawberry jam in a pine-surrounded cottage.

"Let's hike through the mountains, play some whimsical tunes, and capture your quirky, magical uniqueness and love of you and your person. "